While businesses today operate in uncertain and complex environments, many are harnessing opportunities to compete and grow. Staying ahead of the competition requires finance to become a strategic business partner to shower the financial expertise, couple it with business knowledge to become champion of growth, guardian of cost, manage risk and identify opportunities.

This convergence is augmented where expectations from the finance expert are transforming towards becoming a trusted strategic partner driving the growth agenda, remapping the whole operating model to the new and emerging business needs.

Finance professionals of future are expected to visualize, be creative, and imagine. Indeed, the finance executive of the future needs to provide finer leadership, be commercially sound, build relationship and lead from the front through business acumen, fact based analysis and interpretation, differentiated approach, customer like thinking to build business strategy.

Given the pace of external change, organizations need BUSINESS PARTNER for faster, cleaner, clearer, information with context to take decisions for business. For this, the key finance professionals need to be freed from the basic transactional and data collation activities needless to mention that this still remains a strong underlying financial engine.

As a BUSINESS PARTNER, we provide following services with innovative approach:

  • Finer commercial and strategic business consulting for cost optimization, streamlining operations and increasing productivity making a positive impact on bottom line and sustainable growth across global teams
  • Weave the operational and financial management information in the form of various dashboards for CXOs enabling ease of decision making
  • Product pricing and business case evaluation to project and forecast success for the product or business, basis KPIs of an organization
  • Process transformation and change management through application of Lean 1C and six sigma techniques by eliminating waste, VSM and SIPOC studies to deliver efficiencies
  • Post facto performance analysis of the organization’s Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Finance Business Partnering
  • Financial Planning and forecasting, both short term and long term
  • Excels Financial modeling and simulations
  • Setting up and implementing ERP systems/ procedures to achieve financial discipline
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