Individuals generally focus on, and hence are good at, earning and do not work on savings that greatly. Savings lead to investment and investments lead to earnings and earnings get compounded to build long term wealth. One should take keen interest to plan for longer term than for shorter, specially in country like India where one must individually take care of the retirement, medical expenses, child education, build in a house et al. With the increasing complexity, multiple and confusing options in the market.

There is a need for a personal CFO to take care of all the finance related needs of and an individual. This can start from the word and will hand hold till the lifetime.

It is a fact that individuals ignore their finances, its planning and compliances unless necessitated. This is mainly due to various other commitments and priorities. A human generally then ends up focusing only on basics of earning and spending. This doesn’t allow you to focus on wealth creation or sustainable and secure future.

The question arises… is this right? May be not, at least in the long run.

Then how do you solve for this?

Financial Wealth creation requires uniqueness and efficiency. If the offering is unique and efficiently produced, wealth is the result and a PERSONAL CFO can help you achieve your goals.

Key steps to build long-term wealth can be attributed as –

  • Automate your savings
  • Revisit and rebalance
  • Hike the saving rate
  • Lower cost of investment
  • Understand markets and navigate swiftly

Requirements of HNI investors are ahead of normal investors and therefore they need Personal CFO.

As estimated by Knight Frank’s 13th edition of wealth growth, YoY growth is expected at 39% in the period between 2018 and 2023.

According to the 2011 Asia Pacific Wealth report from Merrill Lynch and Capgemini, high net worth individuals’ (HNIs) wealth in India grew by 22% in 2009-10 accounting to $582 billion ( 28.4 trillion). India’s HNI population grew to 1.53 lakh from 1.27 lakh during the same period.

We have established ourselves as provider of credentialed Personal CFO services incorporating financial planning basis individual risk profiling and appetite.

Structuring to regenerate is our motto and our planning techniques are backed by scientific study based on individual’s needs and goals.

We strive to safeguard intellectual capital and ring fence net worth of individual customers from market perils, lawsuits, concentration risks in a tax and regulatory complaint modus operandi.

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