Current Covid19 environment has put a lot of pressure on cash flows of a lot of organizations. Effective cash flow management will come really handy in these times and the one who picks it and implement sooner will stand to gain.

Below are a few handy tips:

  1. Issue invoices in time i.e. as soon as work is completed.
  2. Give attractive cash discounts
  3. Cut Costs to the extent possible
  4. Provide mobile payment options to get paid faster
  5. Dispose off the assets which are obsolete and are occupying space
  6. In case you need an equipment, vehicle, computer etc… taking them on lease may benefit better than buying
  7. Assess and agree how late a vendor can accept payment from you
  8. Offer discount on receivables
  9. Manage inventory effectively
  10. Keep buffer cash
  11. Shift short-term focus from profit to cash inflow for ex: offer extra discount for upfront payment
  12. Identify business risks and prepare in advance
  13. Take a corporate credit card but use it wisely
  14. Most important – DO NOT MIX your personal bank account with business bank account.

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