How Can A Virtual CFO Help Small Businesses?

Glorified as a ‘scorekeeper’ reporting the financial matters of a company, an CFO is the expert financial advisor for SMEs. Alongside handling financial facets of a company, a CFO morphs his numbers into strategies to help enterprises earn profits. Role of a CFO for Small Businesses: Performs Financial Analysis: A CFO knows his numbers. He […]


Confused to hire a CFO or a Virtual CFO?

Designation of an able Chief financial officer (CFO) is one decorated position in an organization that defines the future & success of a business entity. Often recruitment of a full-time CFO is out of bounds for a company, due to the cost limitations and the liabilities it brings along. Virtual CFO is the new doctrine, […]

How to effectively manage cash? #covid19

Current Covid19 environment has put a lot of pressure on cash flows of a lot of organizations. Effective cash flow management will come really handy in these times and the one who picks it and implement sooner will stand to gain. Below are a few handy tips: Issue invoices in time i.e. as soon as […]

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