Revised Form 26AS

The revised Form 26AS, by income tax department has been notified. This comes into effect from 1st June 2020. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her Budget 2020 speech proposed a new Section 285BB wherein the tax department is to provide a comprehensive annual information statement for the financial transactions done by a taxpayer in a […]

Importance of Succession planning

Exhibit 1 : In Bluemoon solvents Pvt Ltd, a partnership firm of three members, a dormant partner with little domain cognition and even less knowledge of day to day affairs had to manage tender quotations. One of the partners got hospitalized in wake of cardiac arrest, other one got struck due to bad weather and […]

Tips to accelerate your Financial Growth

Folks may dreams of accumulating a colossal corpus during their B-school life, but only a few are actually able to hook it sooner than later… Future financial wealth creation is a primarily a function of adequate planning and budgeting in the present. Hence, firms and individuals who envision to proliferate wealth prospects, well-plan their current [...]

Will you be my… ‘Personal CFO’

Dream jobs of C-suite though look glam on surface, are intricate, challenging and consuming at nucleus. These individuals usually have the most experience and the highest responsibilities within a company. They are also the key decision-makers in an organization, which itself calls for 360-degree involvement in day to day business affairs. Hence, the life in [...]
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