Union Budget for MSMEs

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are a key contributor to the growth of Indian economy and the commitment of our government to strengthen and revive the sector has been a highlight of Union Budget 2021. Allocation of ₹15,700 crore for the financial year 2021-22 to MSMEs as compared to prior years’ Budget estimates of […]


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2021 today. The budget gave major emphasis to healthcare and infra sectors. Besides, a host of substantial announcements were made on the divestment front, including the coming IPO of Life Insurance Corporation. No significant change was made in the area of income tax. Here are the highlights […]

Virtual CFO and Risk Management

Concrete strategic risk management requires a combined effort of top decision makers. Being the stewards of an enterprise’s financial health, a good CFO plays a leading role in orchestrating all these pursuits. Role of a CFO in Mitigating Risk in different areas of Business: A recent EY survey The DNA of the CFO, including 769 […]

How A Virtual CFO Can Make A Zero Profit Company Successful?

An expert CFO has an eagle’s vision without being dreamy. Thus, for a zero profit business owner, a virtual CFO is a boon in disguise. He bridges the gap between operational, strategic, and financial aspects to achieve long-term financial goals. A virtual CFO can help companies making zero or minimal profits in several ways: Supervises […]

When should you look for a virtual CFO?

Your business is dynamic and is expected to grow which will result in increased Sales and inflow of new customers. This will result in an increased number of hiring that you will need to manage the demand. What is it that holds you up? Cash, a component that simply does not seem to be adequate […]

What are the advantages of having a Virtual CFO?

The concept of hiring a virtual CFO on board is an advantage for Start-ups, small & mid-size organizations. It facilitates the opportunity for growth through the right guidance and experienced assistance. Also, you are provided with a range of services that are affordable, flexible, and tailormade.  Some of the important benefits are discussed below. Flexibility […]

Virtual CFO—A Strategic Enabler

As the roles and responsibilities of a CFO have increased during the changing business environment, he acts as a ‘strategic enabler’ of a company. Part-time, also known as virtual CFOs are expected to strategically evaluate their enterprises’ digital investment, upcoming business models and the ecosystem of people they serve—along with their routine tasks. This is […]

Virtual CFO and Crisis Management

Virtual CFO is not just a number cruncher, or analyzer, but in fact is company’s innovator, game-changer, and protector and how well an organization reacts and adapts to a crisis is what is deemed as efficient crisis management. A virtual CFO acts as a ‘company’s protector’ at the verge of crisis—fiscal or non-fiscal. A CFO plays a vital […]

Virtual CFO can help manage cyber threats and its Impact

Undoubtedly, cyber threats are everywhere. A survey reveals that CFO is the most prominent figure ‘responsible for cybersecurity (38%), followed by the CIO at 36%’. Actions a CFO Takes against Data Breach and Cyber Threats? The survey also reports the measures a CFO takes to counter cyber threats: Charts Out and Classifies Data: A modern […]

How Can A Virtual CFO Help Small Businesses?

Glorified as a ‘scorekeeper’ reporting the financial matters of a company, an CFO is the expert financial advisor for SMEs. Alongside handling financial facets of a company, a CFO morphs his numbers into strategies to help enterprises earn profits. Role of a CFO for Small Businesses: Performs Financial Analysis: A CFO knows his numbers. He […]

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